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Release 1.0.2 - 2006-10-29

Addition of the history functionnality: the id of the completed and failed tasks can be store and retrieve. Moreover this functionnality allow to filter the tasks before execution at the next start of the batch.jberteche
Addition of a new test batch that download web sites pages.jberteche
API modifications: - The IExecutionReport interface has been removed: the reports classes must extends the class ExecutionReport. - The configuration is now load using annotations: the properties of the configuration file must be load using the PropertiesLoader class. - IBatch interface: the method manageFailure has been renamed to endOfExecution (this method is now always called after the end of the execution of a task).jberteche
The configuration parameter used to set the size of the blocking queue has been renamed to 'mbf.threadPool.blockingQueueCapacity'.jberteche

Release 1.0.1 - 2006-09-02

Addition of a new JMX method: shutdownNow. If it is called, then the batch stop immediately: the running tasks are stopped abruptly and the submitted tasks are discarded.jberteche
The capacity of the blocking queue (that contains the tasks before to be executed) can now been specified to prevents OutOfMemory errors. When this capacity is reached the batch waits automaticaly for space before to offer a new task to the executor.jberteche
Correction of the JMX restart method (the stop method wa s called instead :-/)jberteche
The start method of the IBatch interface has been removed (no utility).jberteche
Addition of the method "isRunning" to the ITaskExecutor interface: the batch can now check the running state of the executor before to process the task. Moreover the method "execute" don't throws anymore a BatchException: if the executor has been shutdown, the method just returns false.jberteche

Release 1.0.0 - 2006-08-17

First release including base features: one-shot execution, scheduling, JMX management.jberteche